Can you appeal good things about your nursing home to new residents?

You may be spending a lot of money for advertisements
…but you may be having fewer new residents than you expected.

You may think advertisements can attract people?
You are losing chances to appeal your nursing home if you are just paying for advertisements…

You may be thinking nothing to attract people
You may feel like you do not have anything to attract people…

You may be paying for a (expensive) musician
Residents may have enjoyed … but nothing more than that would happen

Are you making residents and their families happy?
Events you planned may not make them happy, and you are failing to establish good reputation

Fewer inquiries to your nursing home than you expected
People do not know good things about your nursing home

Your frustration will be solved by making the best use of KOTO reminiscence method !
You may be able to attract people and you will get more new residents to your nursing home !

Prospective Effects

Prospective Effects by KOTO Reminiscence Method - beyond Making Residents Happy


Resident’s family

Resident’s family is glad with tears to see changes in the residents after KOTO reminiscence method.”I can’t believe that my father started rehabilitation! I am so glad since my father became lively and vivid!” Their voices will spread as good reputations.



We are continuously appealing to local media. Every time residents’ smiling faces are reported on news papers, you will be surprised to see many inquiries, visit desires, and volunteer desires. We have an actual achievement in which new residents increased five times within ten months.



Since residents’ smiles are continuously published on media, the reputation of your nuesing home is becoming better and better. Further, connections and relationships between residents’ families, people in the area and workers in your nursing home become stronger and the workers will be cheered up!

Reasons why KOTO reminiscence method has been so popular among residents and their families

Residents love it since we are always thoroughly touching to residents’ hearts

Image of DNA

KOTO reminiscence method works at the DNA level

Dr. Ishikawa recommends KOTO reminiscence method from the view of healing effects on DNA. For details: Click

KOTO reminiscence method is filled with waves of happiness

Since KOTO reminiscence method is filled with waves of happiness, residents can feel deep impression and relaxation. For details: Click

KOTO reminiscence method generates Catharsis effects

Great Catharsis effects are generated while residents are talking, crying and singing as they recall their old good days. For details: Click
About KOTO reminiscence method and KOTO reminiscence conductor:
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KOTO reminiscence method has been popular at nursing home because...
it is not just a music event in the house

We have experienced that the eyes of residents are shining after KOTO reminiscence method.
We aim to impress people’s minds by disseminating such outcomes to the local areas, and to establish good reputations among people.

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KOTO reminiscence method does not offer excitement by watching someone else …but recall their own past experiences by themselves

KOTO reminiscence method presents neither a quiet KOTO concert only nor funny and cheerful party

Several years ago, Ms. Kanako Watanabe, president of KOTO plan, thought about music events at welfare facilities every day and felt something uncomfortable about an recreation time.
Staffs were playing a guitar loudly, and singing their favorite songs, and only they were laughing…
She was wondering…”if residents are really enjoying? looks like only staffs are enjoying…” ”if she want her parents to live here?”
Indeed, she heard opinions from 30 residents. ”too loud…bad taste… we are too old to listen to such music…we are not kids and every day’s short plays are a little too much…stupid…”

She strongly wished she would give them moments in which they feel happiness by recalling their old memories.
KOTO reminiscence method, thus created, offers moments in which residents recall their own good memories, but not an entertainment by watching a music player.

an elderly lady on a wheeling chair

Men drop tears as well as women

KOTO reminiscence method brings back nostalgic and bright memories by showing music play by KOTO and photographs of old days and at the end, gives the elderly residents the ultimate healing that ”I feel like I was happy to be born here…my life has been full of happiness…I thank everything…” This is the major goal of KOTO reminiscence method

To bring back nostalgic and bright memories, “frequencies of KOTO sounds that generate happiness” is essential.
Through its power, residents can trace memories by themselves, and will be filled with satisfaction.

Impression in the deepest mind…it is not just impression by listening to the music

You will feel far better than listening to good music.
KOTO reminiscence method is just like opening a lid of a music box in your mind and touching to your valuable memories. It will be a new and unusual experience.

And by opening the album in the memories, residents affirm themself from the past, present and to the future hope slowly and courteously.
You will see tears and smiling faces after KOTO reminiscence method, and hear ”it was refreshing~!!I have a feeling that I never felt…I was so impressed that I could not speak for a while…”. Also, you will hear ”I will do my best tomorrow!…I am feeling brighter!”

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Let’s work together to make everyone happy.

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Demonstration of KOTO reminiscence method by a female conductor wearing Kimono. Demonstration by Ms. Kanako Watanabe
In demonstration, you will experience changes of feeling by KOTO reminiscence method and we will explain the merits and effects of the method.

Contract establishment

Performing KOTO reminiscence method at your nursing home